Workforce Staffing Agencies

Please apply through one of our trusted workforce staffing agencies.

DXE Staffing

DX Enterprises was founded on October 22, 2004 as a full service staffing agency to our community and the tri-state area. Our management and employees are totally committed to the achievement of quality. Management’s respect for and recognition of customers, employees, and a continued commitment to quality are first steps to ensuring the future success of DX Enterprises.

The most important element of DX Enterprises is the service we perform for our customers. We develop our reputation based upon our excellent safety record, low turnover rate, round–the-clock customer service, product quality, value and dependability.

MS Companies

We provide staffing and quality support for clients in industries including automotive, manufacturing, and information technology. We offer competitive pay and a complete benefits package. Our emphasis on continuous training provides career advancement opportunities for employees of all experience levels across our vocational network of 14 states and 900 clients.