Tiffany B.
Urethane (Blue)
“I like that they do things to show their appreciation, like the birthday and anniversary dinners. That’s nice.”
Della G.
QC (Blue)
“I really like the people in my department. We all get along very well, including the GL &TL. We help each other out quite a bit.”  
Pacita M.
"I like that the job is a free work-out. I don’t have to pay for a gym!”
Doors/Injection (Blue)
“I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given with this job to be able to raise and provide for my daughter.”
TBJ Coordinator
Coming from Japan, I like working with local thinking way at TBIN. There is a lot of opportunity for growth here.”
Mikey C.
PC (Gold)
“I really like the night shift hours. Everyone in my department acts like a family. I am also amazed at how many improvements have been made in the past year."  
John W.
“After returning to TB after a 4 year absence, I find that what I like and have missed the most is the dedication of the people I work with. When faced with such adversity, we don’t stop.”